Stellenbosch: Verb meaning to relegate an incompetent person to a position of minimal responsibility

Professor Muldrow swept into the class with Becca,  his teacher’s assistant, trailing behind him looking like someone had just crushed every single one of her hopes and dreams. He pointed to a seat on the front row and she slunk to the chair, keeping her head down. “What happened?” Todd whispered to Ariel. “I thought Becca was going to lead the class.” “I'm not sure,” she said, "but I'm guessing that after she blew that lab last week, Muldrow stellenbosched her." ... Read More

Burke: Verb meaning to murder by suffocation

Ariel backed into the wall, trying to get away from the body lying on the tunnel floor. Todd bent down, pulling the pillow away from the man’s face. “It’s that guy from the gas station  - Twillinger.” he said, his voice shaking. “Someone burked him.” ... Read More

Benison: Noun meaning a blessing; Imprecation: noun meaning a curse

Ariel is taking the week off, but in honor of Thanksgiving, she says: May your week and the upcoming year be filled with people throwing benisons your way, not imprecations.   ... Read More