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B.A. Blackwood is the author of the Siren Song trilogy, a trial lawyer, a marathon runner, and indentured servant to her two couch potato pugs, Waldo and Jonesy.

Recent Articles

The No. 1 Lie Your Pug Tells You Every Day

I’m going to tell you the biggest lie in the pug world -  on one condition. You have to pinky–paw-swear that you won’t tell your pug who told you. We’re on the honor system here. I’m going to assume that if you’re still reading you won’t rat me out. Here goes – the Number One Lie your pug tells you every day: “ I’m Starving to Death”. I know you’ve heard this one, and I bet you’ve fallen for it. We fix our big suffering eyes on you, suck in our cheeks to make our faces look like Twiggy after a ... Read More

Pug Post-Presidential Election Letdown

We were feeling so proud of our little pug selves for coming up with a pug political platform. (See the October 16 Pug Political Platform posting). We spent hours on our proposals, covering all the hot topics – global warming, healthcare, tax stimulus and immigration. Our requests were simple: the first candidate to support our platform would get the vote of every pug in the nation, or at least those who are eligible to vote; i.e. pugs over 2 years and 6 months old who have never had to wear a ... Read More

Fozzy needs a home

This is my buddy Fozzy, and he needs a home. Fozzy and I go way back. He's from Oklahoma, which is where my grandparents live. He was instrumental in the great pug disinformation caper I talked about last week. I mean, I tell ya, we couldn't have done it without him. Things weren't going too well for him in Oklahoma, so I told him about this great place called DFW Pug Rescue and he finagled his way into their program. He always was a smart guy! He's housebroken, good with kids and other dogs, ... Read More