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B.A. Blackwood is the author of the Siren Song trilogy, a trial lawyer, a marathon runner, and indentured servant to her two couch potato pugs, Waldo and Jonesy.

Emotional Anatomy of the Twenty Mile Training Run

5:45 a.m.: Aaaaaargh!

100 yds: Message to feet – GET MOVING.

1 mile: Can I put this training run off? I’ll feel better next weekend – I’ll just cut the taper a little short …

1.1 Miles: No, gotta do it today. It’s now or never.

2.0 Miles: Okay, eye of the tiger. Let’s do this thing.

6.0 Miles: Yea! Energy spurt!

7.2 Miles: Sunrise – doesn’t get better than this

10.0 Miles: I’m halfway there!

10.1 Miles: I’m only halfway there!

13.0 Miles: Yuck.

15.0 Miles: There are 26 bones in the human foot…and they all hurt.

17.0 Miles: Best energy drink of all time…

18.0 Miles: Almost there –

20.0: Miles Done!

10 minutes later: Aaaaaaaaaaaaah

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