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B.A. Blackwood is the author of the Siren Song trilogy, a trial lawyer, a marathon runner, and indentured servant to her two couch potato pugs, Waldo and Jonesy.

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How I Got Rid of My Plantar Fascitis Forever

It finally happened. I joined the two million other Americans who battle plantar fasciitis. It crept up on me, and by the time I acknowledged to myself what it was, I’d developed a good case of Achilles tendonitis to go with it. I iron-manned it through my next marathon, left foot and ankle killing me, holding off calf cramps brought on by the change in gait caused by my pain. It took me half an hour after I crossed the finish line to pick up enough steam to crawl back to my hotel room. I’m ... Read More

Pickles – Marketing Scam or New Miracle Running Food?

I ran for years without ever having muscle cramps. I’d look at runners contorted in pain by the side of the road and shake my head. Clearly they were doing something wrong. Hadn’t these people heard of weight workouts and adequate salt intake?  I’d run by them with a relaxed, spasm free stride, feeling virtuous that my superior training didn’t subject me to such things. Then two years ago at mile 20 of the Scotia Bank Toronto Marathon, my calves began to feel like vice clamps were being ... Read More

Facebook Friends – You Rock!

I’ve been planning to run the Fort Worth Marathon for the last five months, hoping to use it to qualify for the 2014 Boston Marathon. In other words, I’ve been deadly serious about training. Two weeks before the marathon I felt confident that absent something unforeseeable (injury, stomach upset, etc.) I had a good shot at qualifying. Training had gone well, I had no injuries, and the marathon start was only forty minutes away by car, so no last minute travel snafu or cancelled flight could ... Read More