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When word nerd Ariel Robinson goes away to college in Montana, she thinks her biggest worries will be mastering calculus, dealing with the cold-enough-to-build-an-igloo winters, and keeping an eye out for “the one”, or at least someone who’ll make her heart beat triple time with a single glance just like the bare chested heroes in her mom’s romance novels. Instead, she discovers she’s been lured to Montana State by warring Fallen Angels who believe her mother stole a powerful relic from them called the Piece of Home that they’re willing to kill to get back. As Ariel races against time to figure out what the Piece of Home is, why they think she has it, and where it might be, she uncovers chilling secrets about her parents that she’d give anything to unlearn, and finds that no one can be trusted, not even those who claim to be protecting her.

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