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B.A. Blackwood is the author of the Siren Song trilogy, a trial lawyer, a marathon runner, and indentured servant to her two couch potato pugs, Waldo and Jonesy.

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My Biggest Newbie Author E-Book Mistake – Why You Need More Than One E-Book Publisher

On a scale of 1 to 10 on the computer guru scale, I’m about a 3 ½, so formatting my own book for various e-retailers was never an option. I attended two Writer’s Digest webinars on self-publishing options, did some internet research, and finally chose BookBaby, feeling very proud of myself for making an informed decision. I mean, what’s not to like about an omnibus publisher like BookBaby? For prices ranging from $99.00 to $249.00, they format your book for all e-book retailers (Amazon, ... Read More

Does the World Really Need Another Writing Blog? You Bet!

Every writer has to have a writing blog. It's in the So You Want To Be a Writer Handbook. So, being dutiful authors, the internet now teems with hundreds of thousands, probably even millions, of writing blogs, with everyone trying to come up with content that someone actually cares enough about to read. Ugh. Here's why you'll want to read this one. I'm going to tell you the whole nasty, uplifting, soul-searing, sublime truth about writing, publishing, and selling books. In other words, ... Read More