When word nerd Ariel Robinson goes away to college in Montana, she thinks her biggest worries will be mastering calculus, dealing with the cold-enough-to-build-an-igloo winters, and keeping an eye out for “the one”, or at least someone who’ll make her heart beat triple time with a single glance just like the bare chested heroes in her mom’s romance novels. Instead, she discovers she’s been lured to Montana State by warring Fallen Angels who believe her mother stole a powerful relic from them called the Piece of Home that they’re willing to kill to get back. As Ariel races against time to figure out what the Piece of Home is, why they think she has it, and where it might be, she uncovers chilling secrets about her parents that she’d give anything to unlearn, and finds that no one can be trusted, not even those who claim to be protecting her.



Seventeen year old Ariel Robinson only has two characteristics that might be called a little out of the ordinary. She’s petite, parent speak for just-barely-missed-being-a-midget-short, and she’s a word ninja, capable of defining almost any word you can throw at her. Other than that, she’s perfectly normal. So why do supernatural thugs insist that she has something that belongs to them? And will she live long enough to find out?


Michael attracts omg-he’s-so-gorgeous-stares every time he walks across the Montana State University campus. More than that, he exudes an “I’m sexy and I know it” attitude carried off with a wink that turns most girls to putty, including Ariel. But Michael has secrets of his own, and the more Ariel is around him, the less she seems to know. Can she trust him? Or is he one of the bad guys?


Ariel’s worst nightmare of a roommate, a self-assured blonde goddess built like a Barbie-Goes-To-College doll who makes it clear that she thinks Ariel is a total loser.


Ariel’s Partridge Family obsessed suitemate who’d kill to have grown up in the 70’s and believes herself to be a dating guru, although she has yet to go out on an actual date.


Bubbly, smart, articulate, and a total geek. Need a computer hacker? Todd’s your guy.


Ariel’s inside mole on the mountain, a so-ugly-he’s-cute goblin with a serious texting obsession.


Superstar lawyer to the Descendants of the Fallen Angels who claims to be Ariel’s attorney and has vital information he’ll only tell her.


The warm, fatherly leader of the Descendants’ Council, and Ariel’s best hope of finding the answers to what’s really going on.


Roboball, Ariel’s secret nickname for Cyrus, is bald as a cue ball, bulked up with serious body builder muscles, and has all the emotiveness of a robot. He’s the second member of the Descendant’s Council, and gives Ariel the heebie-jeebies.


The third member of the Descendants’ Council. Smarmy, snarky, and sneaky.


Michael’s ex-fiancee who’d love to rip Ariel’s eyes out.

Irene Spicklemeyer

Lucian Castlewhite’s assistant. Think Rottweiler disguised as an aging spinster.